Truck and other services

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When you need a bakkie/truck, let us take the load off your mind. We have trucks on standby for hire for both short and long distance and within Johannesburg and Pretoria.We handle any kind of cargo, furniture removals, garbage and garden refuse removal, rubble removals, household removals,office removals. We also offer gardening services such a tree fellings and trunks removals, mowing and trimming,walls,gates painting services,drain cleaning services Plumbing services(Bathroom repair,toilet,sink, faucet, repairs and replacement and any and all plumbing repairs… Read more »

Meizu Pro 7 handset

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Meizu Pro 7 handset will be revealed in China on July 26th this was announced by the company on Chinese social site Weibo Although the Company didnt mention if the Meizu Pro 7 Plus will also make its debut at the event, it is expected that the company will show off both devices at the same time. This display will seemingly allow you to play games and might also be used as a viewfinder for selfies. While those possibilities don’t… Read more »

Android Phones with loudest speakers

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The Google Pixel XL was considered as the phone with the most loudest speakers compared to other android phones, with a decibel reading of 77.8dB. That’s actually pretty impressive considering that the phone only has a single speaker on the bottom of its case, along with an adaptive audio amplifier. Of course being loud isn’t the same thing as being one of the best smartphone speakers.Sound quality was also pretty decent though it certainly won’t come anywhere close to competing… Read more »

signs of problem during or after sex when you’re pregnant

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If you have pain during sex, tell your provider. If you have heavy bleeding, leaking of amniotic fluid or painful cramps that don’t go away after sex, call your provider or go to the emergency room. It’s normal to have some cramps or spotting after sex when you’re pregnant. Having an orgasm can cause cramps. Spotting is light bleeding. When it happens you have a few drops of blood on your underwear. Spotting is so light that the blood doesn’t… Read more »

Sex during pregnancy

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No, a baby isn’t hurt when a pregnant woman and her partner make love. The amniotic sac and the strong muscles of the uterus protect the baby, and the thick mucus plug that seals the cervix helps guard against infection. During intercourse, the mail organ doesn’t go beyond the female organ, so it won’t reach the baby. Key Points: Shaving Products for Men If your pregnancy is healthy, you can have sex. You and your partner can use positions that… Read more »

How to Effectively Use Your Birth Control Pills

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Birth control pills—often known as “the pill”—have been touted for their reliability. Experts estimate that they’re more than 99 percent effective when taken as directed. But there’s a big caveat here: Women need to take their contraceptives consistently and correctly to prevent pregnancy. Starting a Regimen Shaving Products for Men You may begin taking your pills at any time during your cycle. When you start a combination pill—meaning one that contains both estrogen and progestin—within five days after the beginning… Read more »