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Getting into the game again

Anybody who’s ever played a good game of soccer, done a work-out session, or jogged or danced or stretched, will agree – the human body loves moving. The human body is designed to move smoothly, easily and naturally. Even if you’re not at your best right now, with a little bit of effort the human […]

You want to know your HIV status. Now what?

First of all, well done on deciding to go for an HIV test! HIV/AIDS is a serious problem in South Africa – about 12% of our population is HIV positive – and the number will keep growing until enough people go for regular testing HIV & testing An HIV test picks up the presence of […]

Easy ways to improve your health

Being healthy doesn’t mean a complete change of lifestyle. With these simple tips, you can start to live a healthier life today, with almost no effort. Drink more water:The human body is made up of is 90 percent water, so remember to keep hydrated. Many physical discomforts, such as joint pain and headaches, are often […]