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You want to know your HIV status. Now what?

First of all, well done on deciding to go for an HIV test! HIV/AIDS is a serious problem in South Africa – about 12% of our population is HIV positive – and the number will keep growing until enough people go for regular testing HIV & testing An HIV test picks up the presence of […]

Do you think you might be HIV positive?

An HIV reveals if HIV is present in your body. The test most used is a test that detects anti-bodies produced by your immune system in response to HIV. It is much easier and cheaper to find the anti-bodies than what it is to find itself. Consent Before you take your HIV test you must […]

Easy ways to improve your health

Being healthy doesn’t mean a complete change of lifestyle. With these simple tips, you can start to live a healthier life today, with almost no effort. Drink more water:The human body is made up of is 90 percent water, so remember to keep hydrated. Many physical discomforts, such as joint pain and headaches, are often […]

What is the right age to start contraceptives?

It is not about your age. Each body develops at its own time. Just like we began walking at different ages, we will begin exploring sex at different ages. The South African Government gives 16 as the age of sexual consent. Remember first and foremost that it is your choice. You can decide to wait […]