Healthy Body

Personal hygiene means keeping your whole body clean and groomed. It not only keeps you healthy, but you’ll look good, smell good, and therefore feel good. If you are active during the day – whether as part of your job, or because of hobbies and activities – it is even more important to practise good hygiene.

General hygiene:Make sure all open cuts and sores are covered, and wash your hands frequently during the day.

Hair picks up a lot of dust. The scalp produces oil and sweat. It’s easy to wash short hair with your daily shower. Long hair needs to be washed before it becomes lanky. Treat head lice immediately.

If you have pimples or open sores on your face, ask your doctor or a clinic for medication. Wash your hand before and after applying medical creams and do not touch your face between treatments. Treat shaving cuts as soos as you can.

Clean your ears carefully. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and visit your dentist every six months.

Armpits need a good wash and maybe some deodorant. Keep fingernails short and clean.

The genital and anal area need to be cleaned thoroughly in the shower and kept clean throughout the day. Wash your hands after using a toilet or a urinal.

Wash and dry between your toes and keep your toenails short. Dry properly after a shower. Bacteria likes warm, moist places.

Change into clean, dry clothes. Make sure your shoes are dry and clean and don’t smell.

Don’t share towels, facecloths, hairbrushes, combs or toothbrushes.

Sport hygiene:Shower after every game. Wear clean sport clothes for every game.
All sporting gear needs to be disinfected.

If you have cuts and/or open sores or loose teeth, discuss them with the person in charge of the team. Keep your nails short.

Do not play when you have a cough or a cold. Don’t infect the whole team, rather stay at home until you’re healthy.

When a player has been injured and is bleeding, don’t touch the player unless you’re wearing gloves. Remove all clothing that has blood. Remove blood from the area (bench, shower) and disinfect the area. Do not allow your team mates to resume playing until the blood has stopped flowing and the injury has been covered securely.

Wear flip-flops in the shower and take care drying your body. Use a clean sponge and a fresh towel.

Use roll on, deodorants, moisturiser and body talc. Everybody around you will love you for it.