Ways to live your best life

There comes a time in our daily lives where we question everything from why we exist to our purpose in life.

You have a very good and well paying career, you are in a good , health and stable relationship but there is still that little voice in your head wondering is this it?

To live a better health life first you need to stay positive, what does this mean, you need to allow your mind and energy to focus on positive thinking or focus on something positive.
Through this you begin to realize that positivity is a choice and you can train your mind to see the positive in every situation. Positivity is addictive too! Try it

By taking care of yourself entails taking care of your mind,soul and body,taking care of your body  by eating right food,exercising among many others

No matter how much you know, travelling always makes you realize that there is so much more to learn and it turns you into a storyteller. Get out of your comfort zone and try international travel whether it is solo or in a group. Sharing your adventures on snapchat and Facebook with friends is almost a reflex today because of roaming data bundles provided by most of you can easily #sharewhenthere or even call your family and friends and let them live vicariously through you. Whether you are in China, South Africa, The Netherlands or Ghana, you are covered. No more mini panic attacks when you receive your phone bill after a trip abroad.

By giving back to community it does not have to be celebrity standards of giving back. Spending a day at a children’s home helping out wherever you can might not sound like much to you but to the person being helped it means a lot. Visit street children and families, and buy them a meal could be another  way of giving back. We have not lived until we do something for someone who can never repay you

Spending time with family,here family is not just the people you share DNA with, it could be your friends or even colleagues. Whoever those people are, the ones you are happiest with when you spend time with them you should prioritize them in your life. Spend time with your parents if you can. We are so busy growing up and trying to be decent adults that we forget our parents are growing old. Our first friends if we are being honest were our parents. We all need family time to remain grounded and it is practice for how we will interact with our future children and help them live their best lives too.