Importance of reading to children

It is believed that,reading is a significant aid in brain development and encourages a  holidifying, emotional bond between children.
and their parents. Parents should initiate a daily routine of reading for infants as well as
older children.

Children who are introduced to books at an early age tend to develop better language skills and cognitive abilities because reading exposes them to the variances of phonics which when grasped directly, enhance their verbal language skills.

A simple act such as turning the pages of a book is important in children’s physical  development because it enhances bodily movement and coordination.

The utilisation of the brain stimulates the muscles of the eyes and affects the chemistry of the body and all the five senses. Instilling a love for reading in children and also encouraging them to read is highly important because it fosters a foundation for the children’s education and overall development.

Reading is essential because it strengthens children’s resolve in learning.