Heart disease is a silent killer

Heart disease is the Number 2 leading cause of death in South Africa. Every hour about 5 people die due to heart attacks and 10 people suffer strokes. If you make two fists and hold them together, you get the approximate size of your heart. Your heart is situated in the centre of your chest […]

Getting into the game again

Anybody who’s ever played a good game of soccer, done a work-out session, or jogged or danced or stretched, will agree – the human body loves moving. The human body is designed to move smoothly, easily and naturally. Even if you’re not at your best right now, with a little bit of effort the human […]

Why more men need to test for HIV

If you play a game of soccer, you look forward to it and you enjoy it. You can’t play soccer without a soccer ball. It’s the same with sex. Most of us enjoy having sex. It makes us feel good about ourselves and about life. Besides, sex is good for human beings. And, just like […]

You want to know your HIV status. Now what?

First of all, well done on deciding to go for an HIV test! HIV/AIDS is a serious problem in South Africa – about 12% of our population is HIV positive – and the number will keep growing until enough people go for regular testing HIV & testing An HIV test picks up the presence of […]

The health consequences of infidelity

One of the safest ways to remain HIV negative is to stay with only one sexual partner and to remain faithful to him or her. Even if one of you – or both of you – are HIV positive and taking your ARV medication, you will both remain healthy and strong for a long, long […]