Why is Social Media One of The Best Tools to Use as a Nonprofit

Explanation as to why Social Media is one of the best tools to use as a Nonprofit:

It’s free – the platforms are free to sign up to and use. That means that EVERYBODY uses them because who doesn’t love a free service, right? What is NOT free however is the content that needs to be strategically posted within the platform from a marketing point of view. This is where a Social Media Agency or Consultant steps in.
It’s user friendly
It allows you to further understand your audience
It helps you keep a competitive edge
It increases and helps maintains your customer service levels
It allows you to showcase your achievements
It’s interactive by allowing you to gain real time feedback on your products / services
It allows you to be unique
It allows you to connect with a Global Market

Lastly, imagine hundreds, if not thousands, of people following YOUR Organisation Page, engaging with YOUR Brand and giving feedback on YOUR topics. Is that not the ideal place for all Nonprofit Organisations to be?